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Training in horses
Need for training horses on a daily basis to be serious and systematic training and could be training Boutrqtin

Walk for ten minutes and for the warm-up

Followed by walking jogging or running for one hour
Training ends with walking for ten minutes in order to cool

II: the use of lung or riding.

Lung and a circular arena, about 15 meters in diameter and is surrounded by a fence or a wooden building and should be available aboard the rope 8 meters long and whip
And begin training under the leadership of the horse in a small circle through the length of rope control Lounge
In one corner of the horse arena, going clockwise from the number of six sessions without stopping.
Coach then begins to move away from the horse with the length of rope Lounge
And to urge the horse to increase speed whipper used to wave and make a voice and a coach is to maintain a position in the center of the circle to be on one line with the lists of the horse to maintain the momentum forward.
To stop the horse gradually moving coach to be on one line with a horse's head, and use of the voice coach to calm the horse and urged him to walk on the center of the circle, which stands in the coach

Followed by a repetition of the exercise counter-clockwise so that the horse used to traffic in both directions

Should not continue this exercise for a long time (no more than ten minutes), especially in the first stages of training so as not to busy horse, which could lead to the loss of focus and Stumbling and incidence on the ground.

The Naity developed for horses in training, where they could rehearse about half an hour

Lounge can be used in case of processing for the performance of the horse matches (race or jumping) and it should.
That there will be a training program for horse
The training is in the early morning is also training in the evening, but less in the warm-up for the morning and that walking for 20 minutes with ten minutes pick can also be used treadmill
In the case of the use of walking and is a good way to exercise the horse must go a distance of 4 km per day in the initial weeks of training as well as running at intervals.

Fitness horse full:

Is a phase Tarining in timing for the purpose of the development of efficient horse so that it can reach the stage of competition.
And to reach out to such a degree of efficiency there are three types of collar should be developed, namely:

  • Collar physical: this refers to the durability of Jawado of his physical strength and speedAnd flexibility and balance of any work to find the consistency of the functions of the circulatory system of the heart and blood vessels and musculature and the skeleton and the respiratory tract and nervous system of the horse.
And to maintain this equipment must be disposed of prior internal worms should also be examining the teeth of the attention on the regularity and the absence of any injuries by examining incentives and Tqlm
The challenge must also begin to vaccinate the horse opposing infectious diseases, which affect the efficiency significantly or may lead to his death

  • The application stage: a stage of training in the first place where to start and easy exercises ranging then to exercise the most difficult
Should Agra exercises in the morning to be returned in the evening
The walking horse is to train an excellent start to this stage and may allow the horse ran out at intervals and can also use different exercises Horse Kasbaqat and some meat and loads of different weights such as sandbags

  • Mental fitness: It is very important and the aim of pushing Hamas to compete in horse and increase the strength of his awareness of the performance of certain movements and orders Alnasia Jockey
  • Skill: and in order to retouch the ability of the horse to perform heavy jobs, and represents the highest level of fitness where eventually lead to the consistency of the muscle and nervous system, especially the horse to perform some difficult tasks such as jumping
Can be divided into the neck of the horse in two phases

1. Stage of preparation: It is the stage which covers the arrival of the modern horse to reach Alstabl A training where required and must be before anything give him a dose of Interior opposing worms are then stool examination after a month of Aattaio O to make sure of being alone and should be a walk for ten minutes is the end of each training of the horse to cool the body after two weeks of training begin training to walk the horse to run, and running over a specified distance for three weeks and the horse after this period to be able to run for a distance of 800 meters without any stress on the horse shows and distance can be increased depending on the situation of the horse.

Stage performance, hard work: This phase can begin after making sure that the horse has been in the full fitness where to start to enter the horse competitions with some other horses, but the requirement of more than once a week should also make sure the horse are not subjected to any stress that may lead now backfire the horse where the horse notes on some of the symptoms such as fatigue or lack of it lost his appetite and weight and lack of his performance during training and can Thddid veterinarian if the horse is suffering from fatigue or not.

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external parts of horses body and how to examine

external parts of the horse body
First: Cape
It has the front and the ears, the eyes, nose and Tagueta Almktm.

Second: the neck
There are felt by the knowledge and Cefana neck and nape and low intravenous Alodjy.

III: Lists the front
Starting shoulder area and anterior chest and upper arm and forearm Hawa shoulder and knee and cannon and Pomegranate and restriction
And corona and the hoof, which consists of a bowl hoof in contact with the ground and the eagle and the hoof wall, contactless

Fourth: trunk
There are the back and withers and [withers is the highest point in the body of the horse and which is measured by the length of the horse]
And disability, cotton, and the ribs and abdomen.

V.: Lists background
Area and begin the disability and rump and thigh, and leg and tendon and cannon and Pomegranate and limitation and corona and hoof

Sixth: the tail
It consists of Wither and tail hair

Of course, in some words in the body parts not understood possible understand what it means to identify the location of the image during this photo and the photo in the above

When you buy a horse pasture should be three points and they

1. Out of the horse: this can be identified through the official certification from the competent authorities.
2. The purpose of the purchase: the horse and whether jumping or race or play.
3. Examination of the horse: the horse must be examined when you buy it by the specialists to make sure is free of defects Zahripwalamrad while ensuring the integrity of the lists and incentives given to their importance.

Now we address how to scan

Examination of horses


* The size of the head is a moderate not great nor small
* Ear: small and upright to the highest
* Eyes: away from each other with a broad front
* Nose: Please horses of the nose and wide nostrils

High to some extent and relatively Taiwiap

Anterior chest:
Ocean was a good horse should be ample and rounded

Lists the front:
Must be checked good for the muscles to the shoulder and upper arm and forearm and must be prominent and complete building
And consistent with the knees

Lists the background:
Are Mlahoudtha the back of the horse standing on level ground and the horse must be good that there will be
Consistent and prominent in the muscles of rump and thigh and leg with the coherence of the background strings and inclination angle of the hoof

horses history ana Strains

History of horses and Strains
History of horses appeared from the age of Lucine in five and fifty million years ago, in this era began to extinction and the emergence of reptiles, mammals such as elephant ancestors, the ancestors of monkeys as well as the horse and the first picture of the horse by man appeared about fifty million years, and a horse with a small four fingers of the front foot and three fingers back foot after the extinction of this type was called Hyracotherium

In the Pliocene era of the horse's back Advanced Equus, who was 52 inches tall and Iatbermnco North America and then spread to Asia, and Europe, into africa disappeared in 8000 and was an ancestor of modern horses are three types.

1. Horse Plains: The volume has a large head and long ears and drew an extended and curved body and short, but powerful, color trend is Alon Elvirany and known as the wild horse or Mongolian horse and is now a protected species

2. Horse Jungle: heavier than a horse plains and is one of the ancestors of horses, cold-blooded and is a huge and long-legged short end strong hoofs Dareh

3. Horse heights: He has a narrow and short head, then a small size and wide eyes and

It is possible that the fact that the first thing Astons horses horse Terpan who wander aimlessly in the Russian steppes with nomadic tribesmen since 4350 BC, was now extinct wild horses ready all the Mongolian horse

As a result, because the human GAP Bckheolp world has been able to avoid some of the horses to some areas, and live horses, and is called by the brutality, there are some wild horses in Australia and America continues to enjoy the freedom they solemnly defined in the ancient times has descended all horses domesticated and wild horses from Sisi Asian and Aruby As a result of hybridization appeared hybrids of horses and horses Sisi Shire Shire horse is the main breeds of draft horses

Now we take up horse breeds

1. Sisi: A special kind of horses, but smaller than the other horses as the maximum height of 15 hands and grip are equal to 10 cm and are the best kinds of Sisi in the British Isles, such as Sese Sese Hampshire and Mount Wells

2. Arabian horse: thoroughbreds is the oldest in the world, no

Fast horse around the world Alaomedin Arabian Horse The speed of the underlying qualities to bear and powerfully-built high-speed and beauty of view and consistency of its members and thicken Valle thanks in existence.

· Horse authentic English

· Horse Russian

· Horse blond German

· Spanish

The Arabian horse is the only pure strain is now The scholars divided the Arab horse is three out of five families who

· Alkahilan: and is characterized by strong muscles and strong consistency


· Alsegelaoy: characterized by calm and beauty and obedience

As for the Alne hybrid of the Arabian horse to understand six types

1. Anglo-Arab: arisen as a result Arabian horse breeding species sidearms, especially England and France and is used in dressage and jumping and fishing

2. Ahajia Forums: we want this kind in Hungary as a result Arabian horse breeding species with pleural and used in most business

3. Altrsky: The result in Russia, emerged from the hybridization with the Anglo-Arab horses of foreign

4. Arab - Anglo-Spaniard: grew up in Spain from Spanish female Arabic with English male species and is used in dressage and fishing as well as in bullfighting arenas because of the courage

5. Running Horse: French Origin France a result of hybridization Anglo - Norman French and breeds with a tenacious competitor

6. : Dutch and grew up in the Netherlands in the East Friesian breed breed German and is very active and quiet

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